New Design Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets

Most people seem to think that you can’t have fun shopping for baby boys. It’s like the second you’re told “It’s a boy!” your dreams of a sophisticated or cutesy nursery get washed down the drain. The image of a frilly nursery gets pushed aside for a nursery decorated with footballs or trains.


Maybe you always wanted a boy, and now you get a chance to turn your nursery into a training ground for your future quarterback. The idea of pink and ruffles makes your stomach turn, so now you can jump on the (choo-choo) train. Either way, whether you wanted a boy or not, you will find yourself shopping for crib sheets for your bun-currently-in-the-oven. And that’s when things can get interesting.

crib bedding sets

Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets

The first thing on every parent-to-be mind should be safety. No matter what the sheets look like, they should follow the same safety guidelines. Good examples of this aren’t in what the sheets look like, but their size. The fitted sheet and bumper should fit snugly, and the strings on the bumper shouldn’t be more than six inches long. The quilt that comes with most prepackaged bedding sets should never be used in the crib itself, and neither should pillows.

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