Baby’s First Christmas Decoration for Christmas Tree

Celebrating your baby’s first Christmas with an eclectic assortment of tree decor crafted from clothing, toys and memorabilia. Baby’s hand print and footprint are probably two of the most important memories new parents want to immortalize. Imagine a tree decorated in tiny stockings crafted from baby socks. You’ll revisit this precious, fleeting year each holiday as you unpack ornaments handmade from scraps of favorite baby clothes, photographs and the toys and storybooks that your child couldn’t live without during that unforgettable first year.

Baby Hand Print Ornaments

Baby’s First Christmas Decoration for Christmas Tree

Incorporate them into your Christmas decor by pressing baby’s hand or foot gently onto a non-toxic ink pad and then onto a small piece of pink or blue — or any color you like — card stock. Your local craft supply store should carry clear acrylic ball ornaments that open down the center to fill with small mementos such as sand and shells from the beach.  Incorporate that look in your Christmas decor by decorating the whole tree in colorful baby toys. If you try this idea yourself, be sure to use duplicates of your baby’s favorites, and not your child’s actual toys.

Bear Ceramic Ornament


Christmas Around The World Ornaments


Dove Ceramic Ornament


Glass Ornaments


Glitter Frame Ornaments


Glitter Skis, Sled & Peace


Glitter Tiara, Ice Skate & Butterfly Ornaments


Plush Candy Cane Ornament


Red Frame Ornaments


Silver Ornaments


Snowflake Ornament Set


Christmas Around The World Ornaments 1


Snowman Ceramic Ornam



Transportation Glitter Ornaments


Tree Ceramic Ornament 1

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